Act of Repudiation
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    New crackdown on Cuban dissidents

    New crackdown on Cuban dissidents

    Havana, Oct. 20 (CNA/ – The Nuevo Herald of Miami is
    denouncing a new crackdown on dissidents by the Cuban government,
    pointing to the recent case of a Catholic deacon who was beaten and
    mistreated in front of his wife and children on their way to Mass.

    According to a statement by Bishop Hector Peña Gomez of Holguin, Deacon
    Andres Rodriguez Tejada and his family had just left their home to
    attend Mass at the cathedral in Holguin when they were approached by two
    men who repeatedly struck Tejada in the face and chest. “This incident
    and others, which do not appear to be so uncommon, are creating a
    growing unrest in residents of the area and in priests and religious.
    There have been innumerable calls to the chancery inquiring about the
    veracity of these events,” Bishop Peña said.

    The Nuevo Herald also reported that Ernesto Martinez Fonseca, member of
    the Christian Liberation Movement, his wife Judith Arbesu, and their two
    daughters, 8 and 10, were forcibly removed from there home where they
    had been living since 2000. “The couple said that dozens of police
    offers and state officials participated in the removal and claimed that
    they were illegally living there,” the newspaper reported.

    Opposition leader Vladimiro Roca denounced the detaining of Niurka Brito
    Rivas, “who was planning on the blowing the whistle to the media about
    an alleged case of management corruption at the regional dairy products
    factory in Havana.”

    Despite the repression, the article reported that in Camagüey the Ladies
    in White—spouses and family members of political prisoners—held a silent
    march calling for the release of all political prisoners. “We wish to
    say to all the organizations that defend the rights of man that we are
    not afraid. We are doing nothing more than in silence saying what others
    are afraid to and we will continue to go to God’s house each Sunday
    dressed in white in order to pray for the health of our family members,”
    said Maidelin Guerra, the group’s spokesman.

    In Havana, on the other hand, “30 pro-Castro demonstrators, in an ‘act
    of repudiation,’ gathered outside the home of Soledad Rivas Verdecia,
    member of the Ladies in White and wife of political prisoner Roberto de
    Miranda, who has been temporarily allowed to leave prison for health

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