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    Blind Activist And President of the Cuban Foundation for Human Rights Is Being Seriously Threatened

    Blind Activist And President of the Cuban Foundation for Human Rights Is
    Being Seriously Threatened


    February 21, 2006.

    Juan Carlos González Leiva, a blind Cuban lawyer and civic activist;
    president of the Cuban Foundation for Human Rights, today denounced from
    his home in the city of Ciego de Avila, that almost every day Cuban
    State Security is sending him “messages” with strangers who request
    membership in the Cuban Foundation for Human Rights, that he will soon
    suffer another violent act of repudiation. Rubber tubes and cables were
    given to González Leiva by these strangers, as proof of the knowledge
    they have that he will soon be violently attacked in another act of
    repudiation being prepared against him.

    This blind lawyer recently had to give away a dog he had acquired to
    protect himself since there was evidence the animal was going to be

    Gonzalez Leiva continues very active, providing support to the human
    rights movement in Cuba, denouncing the savage attacks committed by the
    political police against activists, independent journalists, and their
    families throughout the island. Those dissidents in the eastern
    provinces where there are no foreign embassies and press to protect them
    suffer the most.

    In mid January, Gonzalez Leiva’s house was under military seige for
    several days, where he remained confined without any water, electricity
    or telephone service. Mobs of up to 400 people brought by State Security
    surrounded his home, screaming governmental slogans, committing acts of
    vandalism, and beating activists. These violent assaults by Cuban State
    Police are widespread throughout the island; committed against those who
    independent ideas.

    Juan Carlos Gonzalez Leiva is proud of and determined to continue his
    peaceful activism and alerts the international community that anything
    that happens to him is the responsibility of Cuban State Security, Cuban
    Military and the Cuban Government.

    Those Who Struggle On Behalf Of Human Rights In Cuba Are Suffering A
    Violent Wave Of Repression That Demands The Ongoing Solidarity And
    Commitment Of The Free World.

    Juan Carlos González Leiva – Address – Honorato del Castillo 154/ entre
    Republica y Cuba. Ciego de Avila, Cuba. Tel: + 53-33-222235

    Testimony of Juan Carlos González Leiva obtained from Cuba. Translated to
    English by the Coalition of Cuban-American Women in the United States.
    Telephone: 305-662-5947 / Fax: 305-740-7323.


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