Act of Repudiation
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    Mob excoriates independent journalist

    Mob excoriates independent journalist

    HAVANA, Cuba – May 22 (Ernesto Roque Cintero, UPECI / –
    A mob congregated in front of independent journalist José Antonio
    Fornaris’ home May 18 and staged an “act of repudiation” against him.

    The government maintains these mobs are spontaneous manifestations of
    the popular will and calls the events “acts of revolutionary
    affirmation.” Dissidents have long claimed that the mobs respond to and
    are organized by the government’s security apparatus. In fact, the mob
    that congregated in front of Fornaris’ home was backed up by a car
    loaded with loudspeakers, not

    the sort of thing the average Cuban has at his ready disposal.

    The crowd of about 70 strong chanted hurrahs to the revolution, and
    called Fornaris a mercenary, and a salaried lackey of the empire,
    referring to the U.S.

    Fornaris called the whole thing “terrorism sponsored by the State.”

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