Act of Repudiation
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    Primary-school-age children take part in repudiating mob

    Primary-school-age children take part in repudiating mob

    CIEGO DE AVILA, Cuba – October 24 (Tania Maceda Guerra / – Students from the Sierra Maestra primary and the
    Centro middle schools participated, along with their teachers and other
    school employees, in an “act of repudiation” directed against two

    The mob congregated outside the home of two dissidents, Bienvenido
    Perdigón, and Ana Margarita Perdigón, of the Cuban Foundation of Human
    Rights, yelling revolutionary slogans, threats and obscenities. The two
    dissidents have been subjected to several such acts before.

    An “act of repudiation” is an event in which a mob assembles, usually in
    front of a dissident’s home, and intimidates its occupants by yelling,
    making threats and throwing things that may occasionally break the
    windows’ glass. Government and Communist Party officials claim the mobs
    consist of “true revolutionaries” who assemble spontaneously to show
    their contempt for those who are not adherents of the government line.
    Dissidents and others say the mobs are recruited and directed by
    government and Party operatives and by members of the “Rapid Response
    Brigades,” who can be seen in every such demonstration.

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