Act of Repudiation
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    Laida Carro

    ( A nuestra redacción ha llegado un resumen
    de noticias en inglés detallando los arrestos en las diferentes
    provincias de Cuba en lo que va de mes.

    From October 7-16, 2011, the Cuban regime has subjected hundreds of
    defenders and their families to brutal physical and
    emotional . The Coalition of Cuban-American Women makes an
    urgent call to the press and to non-governmental organizations dedicated
    to the defense of human rights worldwide as well as to civic, religious,
    political, educational, social, cultural institutions and to individuals
    in positions of leadership in these areas of society, to denounce these
    cruel and degrading acts committed by the Cuban regime against its own

    CUBA – Repression / October 7 – 16, 2011

    OCTOBER 7- 8, 2011
    Santiago de Cuba – On Friday, October 7, 2011, government repressive
    forces organized an "" by surrounding the home of
    human rights defender, Doraisa Correoso Pozo, located on 3rd Street in
    the suburb of Santa Barbara in the city of Santiago de Cuba, where a
    group of 7 female supporters of the Ladies in White and male activists
    were gathered. On Saturday, October 8, as the act of repudiation
    continued the house remained under siege for approximately 24 hours),
    the violent mob tried to break down the door of the house and as the
    activists were forced to come out in pairs they were all stoned, beaten
    with sticks, and pieces of lumber, insulted, and taken to the 3rd Police
    Unit. Some were injured and had to be taken to the hospital. They were
    later released.

    Activists and female supporters of the Ladies in White who were subject
    of repression and short term detention: Elvis Gonzalez Pozo, Ana Celia
    Rodríguez, Adriana Núñez, Enma Alegre Pecora, Julia Cairot, Maria Elena
    Matos, Doraisa Corrioso, Eunicia Madaula, Maximiliano Sánchez (beaten
    and detained for 24 hours), Juan Carmelo Bermúdez, Samuel Le Blanc,
    Ernesto Vera.

    Palmarito de Cauto – Human rights defenders, Ruben Torres and Amauri
    Abelenda Hierrezuelo, and other members of the Union Patriotica Cubana,
    were violently detained and taken to the Versailles State Security
    Center in Santiago de Cuba for their defense of human rights, freedom
    and democracy. Abelenda had placed stickers in the front of his home
    that read "CHANGE".

    OCTOBER 9, 2011 –
    Palma Soriano – The political police (men and women in military uniform)
    prevented thirteen Ladies in White from attending mass at the Cathedral
    of Santiago de Cuba as they were stopped and brutally beaten in the
    street. One of the women beaten is pregnant. Belkis Cantillo was
    suffering from great pain after being kicked in the stomach by a
    policeman. Aymee Garces Leiva's hair was pulled and both her arms were
    bruised. Tania Montoya denounced that they were all forced onto a bus,
    taken first to a police unit and then to State Security, and were
    finally dropped off in groups of two in far undisclosed locations, so
    they could not gather once again. Other female activists involved,who
    are residents of the cities of Moa, Palma Soriano, Contramaestre, and
    Palmarito de Cauto were: Oria Casanova, Yuremis Gonzalez, Vivian Peña,
    Yanelis Eleica Despaigne, Liudmila Rodriguez, Annis Zarrion, Belkis R.
    Romero, Tania Bandera, Milagros Leyva, and Mayelin La O Montero.
    Palmarito de Cauto – Prudencio Villalon Rades, member of the "Union
    Patriotica de Cuba" (UNPACU0, denounced an act of repudiation by a
    violent mob of around 100 people with sticks and stones that included a
    minor with Down syndrome, against the home of Amauri Abelenda
    Hierrezuelo (apprehended Oct. 8, 2011) where activists had gathered to
    protest the violence against the Ladies in White.

    OCTOBER 10, 2011 –
    Pedro Betancourt, Matanzas – At approximately 10 am, a group of
    activists of the Alternative Option Independent Movement were savagely
    beaten and arrested in the middle of the thoroughfare by forces
    consisting of State Security agents, uniformed police, and rapid
    response brigades. The activists were attempting to take part in a
    patriotic act at the city's cemetery to commemorate the 10th of October.
    Violently beaten and arrested were: Gulliber Sigler, María Victoria
    Sigler Amaya, Juan Francisco Sigler Amaya, Beatriz Gómez García, Eddie
    Moreno Fernández, Dagoberto Santana Marichal, Lázaro Sigler González,
    Vanesa Rodríguez Domínguez, Ervis Granda.

    OCTOBER 12, 2011 –
    Aguadores Prison, Santiago de Cuba – The following three human rights
    defenders who were imprisoned on August 28, 2011, (following the assault
    by paramilitary groups with tear gas to the house of Antonio
    Antomarchit) were released: Reinaldo Rodriguez, Jose Batista and Hector
    Labrada. Seven activists continue awaiting trial for committing the
    common crimes of "assault" and "public disorder": Miguel Rafael Cabrera
    Montoya, Bismar Mustelier Galán, Alexis Aguirrezabal Rodríguez, José
    Enrique Martínez Ferrer, Víctor Campa Almenares and Pedro Campa
    Almenares. Alexis Kuan Jerez is detained in a punishment cell for
    protesting the inhumane prison conditions they are being subjected to
    (overcrowding, rotten , lack of water, inadequate medical care, etc.)

    OCTOBER 13, 2011 –
    Guantanamo – An act of repudiation was carried out in the city of
    Guantanamo against the home of the human rights defender, Niorvis
    Rivera. Both his daughters (minors) were mistreated and the front of the
    house was smeared with black asphalt.

    OCTOBER 14, 2011 –
    Contramaestre – Detained in the Eastern city of Contramaestre and taken
    to the Third Police Unit in Santiago de Cuba, the Ladies in White,
    Belkis Cantillo, Aimee Garces and Tania Montoya, were on their way to
    the capital city of Havana to attend the funeral of Laura Pollan, leader
    of the group Ladies in White who had died around eight in the evening.
    Ciego de Avila – The ex-political prisoner, Pedro Arguelles, who resides
    in Ciego de Avila was also prevented from traveling to Havana and
    remained under house arrest with police outside his home.

    Caridad Caballero and Isabel Peña, both from Holguin, and Annis Zarrion
    and Milagros Leyva from the city of Moa were subjected to short term
    detention and were unable to to Havana for Pollan's funeral. Peña
    was punched in the face in the police unit where she was subjected to a
    cross-examination, and Zarrion and Leyva were brutally beaten when
    police agents forced them to get down from a bus. In the city of El
    Caney, the following activists were also forced down from the vehicle
    they were traveling on: Liudmila Cedeño, Ana Celia Rodríguez, Guillermo
    Cobas, Eliecer Consuegra and Henry Pedales.

    OCTOBER 15, 2011 –
    Havana Province – Lady in White, Sandra Guerra was taken away by Cuban
    State Security agents in the town of Finca Ojos de when she tried
    to travel to attend the funeral services of Laura Pollan.
    Banes – Ariel Meneses was detained in Eastern Cuba and taken to an
    undisclosed police unit. His family did not know of his whereabouts.
    Activist Dayami Ortiz was also detained.

    OCTOBER 16, 2011 –
    Santiago de Cuba – Activist Samuel Le Blanc was arrested on his way to
    the Church of Santa Teresita in Santiago de Cuba. The temple was
    surrounded by more than 15 police agents and a patrol car kept going
    around the church to prevent anyone from attending mass. Many other
    churches in Eastern Cuba were under siege to prevent activists from
    attending mass to remember Laura Pollan.

    Moa – Eleven activists, members of the Union Patriotica de Cuba
    (UMPACU), who displayed posters that read "LAURA, YOU ARE NOT DEAD"
    Eastern Cuba. Among them were, Juan Carlos Vazquez Osoria. Female
    members of support group of the Ladies in White, Annis Sarrion and
    Milagros Leiva were violently taken down from a bus on their way to
    Havana to honor Laura Pollan. The police almost left them out of breath
    and their arms were violently twisted when they tried to protest their

    Also arrested in Moa were: Leudis Fajardo, Martín Ruíz, Mario Antonio
    Brocal, Bárbaro Tresol, Omar Wilson, Omar Pérez, Yilian Pérez, and
    Gerardo Guerrero, all members of the Unión Patriótica Cubana (UNPACU).

    Guisa, Granma province – Arrested human rights activist, Robinson Torres.

    Palmarito de Cauto – A patrol car is parked across the street from the
    home of ex-political prisoner and head of the UNPACU, Jose Daniel Ferrer
    Garcia to watch and control anyone who enters and leaves the house.

    Havana – A wave of repression was carried out since the early morning
    hours this Sunday to prevent human rights activists from attending mass
    at the Church of Santa Rita in the suburb of Miramar in Havana to pray
    and pay homage to one of the most prominent leaders of the Ladies in
    White, Laura Pollan, who died October 14, 2011, after being hospitalized
    for a week in the Calixto Garcia Hospital. Many activists described the
    city as "militarized": dozens of their homes were under siege and their
    telephone lines were interrupted. Several were either beaten, arrested
    and taken to police units and some even had the flowers that they were
    taking to the church broken by police agents.

    The independent journalists, Jose Alberto Alvarez and Hector Negrin were
    detained as were and lady in white, Katia Sonia Martin and
    activists Aimee Cabrales, Elizabeth Saboya.

    Many activists were arrested and taken to undisclosed police units:
    Miguel Amado Reyes, Daniel Anselmo, Yaroslan Tamayo, Fernando J.
    Vergara, Abdel Rodríguez Arteaga, Jaime Delgado Arteaga, Juan Manuel
    Lara and many more whose names were not disclosed.

    Around 40 Ladies in White and members of their support group were able
    to reach the Church of Santa Rita in Havana and march and honor the
    memory of one of their leaders, Laura Pollan. They publicly vowed to
    continue their pilgrimages throughout the streets of Havana demanding
    the freedom of all Cuban political prisoners and on behalf of all
    fundamental freedoms in Cuba.

    Further information in Cuba:
    Juan Carlos Vásquez Soria – +5353783667 /
    Berta Soler +5352906820
    Tania Montoya +5353146329
    José Daniel Ferrer – + 5353631267
    Belkis Cantillo – + 5353790867

    Coalition of Cuban-American Women – / Laida Carro

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