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    Ladies in White March Ends With 120 Arrests

    Ladies in White March Ends With 120 Arrests / 14ymedio
    Posted on July 13, 2015

    14ymedio, 13 July 2015 – A group of 120 activists and Ladies in White
    was arrested on Sunday during the traditional weekly march. Among those
    arrested were the opposition leader Jorge Luis Garcia Perez (known as
    Antunez), who in the days before had called for support for the Ladies
    in White, the artist Tania Bruguera, and the photographer Claudio
    Fuentes, who has now been released.

    Most of the arrests were concentrated in Havana, near the Church of
    Santa Rita. In the town of Aguada de Pasajeros, in the province of
    Cienfuegos, arrests and acts of repudiation were also reported.

    During the morning, at least 20 activists and Ladies in White were
    prevented from reaching the Mass in the parish in the Miramar
    neighborhood. Others, such as Berta Soler, managed to reach the site and
    subsequently fell victim to an act of repudiation with posters and shouting.

    The independent journalist Ivan Hernandez Carrillo reported on “mobs
    stationed on two blocks” of the Aguada de Pasajeros parrish, where on
    June 21 eight Ladies in White were expelled from Mass by the priest.

    From the town of Cienfueguero, the activist Tania Echeverria reported
    “severe beatings of the Ladies in White Olga Ravelo Vega and Diurbis de
    La Rosa Hernandez.”

    Source: Ladies in White March Ends With 120 Arrests / 14ymedio |
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