Act of Repudiation
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    A Before and After

    A Before and After / Fernando Dámaso
    Posted on March 30, 2016

    Fernando Damaso, 29 March 2016 — The official journalists and the
    functionaries of the Cuban government, all in chorus, just to prove that
    the Guantanamo Naval Base is illegal have taken up against the
    presidents and Cuban governments from the years 1903 and 1934, years
    when the status of the installation was, respectively, signed and
    ratified. There is talk of appeasement, surrender and other accusations
    against facts, institutions and people who belong to history and who no
    longer physically exist.

    However, no one said a single word against the installation — behind the
    backs of the Cuban people and without their approval — of Soviet nuclear
    missiles in the national territory in 1962. Nor about the installation
    of the “Lourdes” Radar Espionage base, nor about the deployment of a
    Soviet motorized combat unit, also without the approval of the Cuban people.

    In these cases, with the government that still exercises power and with
    those responsible for these events still physically present. Cowardice
    or political opportunism? The Cuban authorities and their servants are
    so concerned about the defense of national independence and sovereignty,
    they should answer to the citizens for these acts committed against them.

    To demand from President Obama, as has become the fashion, that he ask
    for forgiveness for things he didn’t do and, therefore, that are not his
    responsibility, is very convenient. Why not demand it of the Cuban
    authorities, as they are the ones responsible because they are the same
    people as were here 57 years ago. They should apologize to Cubans for so
    many years of suffering, mistakes, arbitrariness, prohibitions,
    impositions and repressions.

    There is no doubt that the impact of Obama’s visit on Cuban has been
    profound and, even more, his speech at the Alicia Alonso Teatro seems to
    have filled the Cuban authorities and their most recalcitrant die-hard
    followers with concerns.

    Trying to downplay what the American president said, they have ordered
    the publication of pamphleteer items such as, “What Obama did and did
    not say,” “Obama’s smile,” “An unanswered letter to Obama,” “Obama the
    Good?” “A mistaken bet,” and the offensive and disrespectful, “Negro,
    are you Swedish” and, as a colophon, the insipid, “Brother Obama,” which
    convince no one nor do they diminish the importance of his words.

    They all repeat each other (is it change or a previously delivered
    script?) with the same facts and arguments against the United States,
    but they forget the history of the Cuban government: political,
    economic, religious, social, sexual, and cultural repression; a ban on
    foreign travel and on buying and selling homes and cars; organizing and
    supporting guerrilla forces in many countries of Latin America and
    Africa; participating in foreign wars with the loss of Cuban lives;
    singling the “13 de Marzo” tugboat and killing little children and
    babies on board; summary executions without due process of law; acts of
    repudiation with vandalism, beatings and other excesses.

    Undoubtedly it is nothing more than a display of the “patter of the
    losers.” Although they refuse to recognize it, there is a before and
    after of Obama’s trip.

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