Act of Repudiation
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    The Totalitarian Left and Their “Escraches”

    The Totalitarian Left and Their “Escraches” / 14ymedio, Carlos Alberto

    14ymedio, Carlos A. Montaner, Miami, 2 July 2016 – Cesar Nombela is the
    chancellor of the Menendez and Pelayo International University located
    in Santander, Spain. He is a renowned researcher in the world of
    microbiology. It occurred to Dr. Nombela and the Governing Council to
    award former Colombian president Alvaro Uribe the institution’s Medal of
    Honor, as they had done previously with other politicians from the
    democratic West, and immediately the totalitarian left, which has it in
    for Uribe, launched a protest.

    In the face of the orchestrated scandal, the institution’s authorities,
    startled, decided to delay the award ceremony and to “widen the
    inquiries.” Uribe, who had exerted no effort to receive the unexpected
    honor, asked that it be revoked and urged the Chancellor to promote a
    good debate about the topic of Colombia. A person whose enemies have
    tried to assassinate him 15 times is more interested in substance than

    This is a perfect example of the growing climate of intolerance
    cultivated in Spain by the totalitarian left. In 2010, then-professor
    Pablo Iglesias organized an escrache at Madrid’s Complutense University
    in order to prevent Representative Rosa Diez, an open and tolerant
    social democrat, from being able to express her ideas. Escrache is a
    sinister lexicographic contribution from Argentina, apparently of Langue
    d’Oc origin, which describes violent acts undertaken to silence an
    ideological adversary.

    A few weeks ago it was the turn of psychology professor Haim Eshach from
    Israeli university, Ben Gurion. It was a very important topic. They had
    invited him to the Autonomous University of Madrid to explain how his
    country teaches science and technology to very young children, which
    might explain, at least partially, why the small Middle Eastern nation,
    with five times fewer inhabitants, generates forty times more patents
    and scientific discoveries every year than does Spain.

    He could not speak. The totalitarian left, which is usually
    pro-Palestinian—that is one of its most visible distinguishing features,
    its strings pulled and financing managed, in part, by Hezbollah and
    Hamas—prevented him as part of an obscene anti-Israeli and anti-Semitic
    campaign called the BDS Movement (Boycott, Divestment and Sanction)
    created in 2005, whose strategy is to isolate Israel in order to cause
    its disintegration even though that course will be severely detrimental
    to some one million or more Islamic Arab Israelis who live in the country.

    The Palestinian argument for trying to demonstrate that the BDS Movement
    is anti-Israeli but not anti-Semitic is that some Israeli organizations
    and some Jews from the academic world, like linguist and political
    activist Noam Chomsky, support it.

    That is true, but it is as absurd a proposition as trying to justify
    Nazism because (as historian Cesar Vidal tells us), the Jew Hans Sander
    was decorated by the Nazi Party, while there were also Jewish generals
    in Hitler’s army, Helmuth Willberg and brothers Johannes and Karl Zukertort.

    We are living in a shameful era of escraches, extortions and assaults on
    freedom of expression. In Cuba, “acts of repudiation” began in 1960 and
    are still constantly carried out 56 years later. The political police
    recruit school children and certain rough-and-ready militants from the
    Communist Party, and drive them to churches in order to abuse the Ladies
    in White, or take them on buses to the homes of the democratic
    opposition to insult them and sometimes beat them.

    Ecuador has one of the most restrictive press laws in the west. The
    autocrat Rafael Correa can order the arrest of a person for making a
    gesture of displeasure to him, persecute journalists for revealing
    uncomfortable truths, or unleash a virulent campaign against innocent
    people, accusing them of being “CIA agents” as just happened to Dr.
    Karen Hollihan, victim of a disinformation operation typical of the
    intelligence services.

    Will the totalitarian left manage to silence democrats? I do not believe
    so, but even if they did, the quotation from Cervantes would still be
    true: “Liberty, Sancho, is one of the most precious gifts the heavens
    gave to men; all the treasures of the earth and the sea do not equal it:
    For liberty, as for honor, one can and should risk one’s life.”

    Translated by Mary Lou Keel

    Source: The Totalitarian Left and Their “Escraches” / 14ymedio, Carlos
    Alberto Montaner – Translating Cuba –

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