Act of Repudiation
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    Cuba – From Thaw to Disillusion

    Cuba: From Thaw to Disillusion [07-01-2016 23:49:55] Carlos Alberto Montaner Escritor, periodista y político ( The Cuban-American thaw is back to a freeze. Or at least the temperature has dropped a lot. From the torrid beginning one year ago, when Obama and Raúl Castro, virtually hand in hand through television, announced the rapprochement, disillusionment has […] Continue reading

    Country Reports on Human Rights Practices 2005


    Country Reports on Human Rights Practices – 2005
    Released by the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor
    March 8, 2006

    Cuba, with a population of 11 million, is a totalitarian state led by a
    president, Fidel Castro, whose… Continue reading